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Welcome to Dutchies to be - Learn Dutch with Kim! This website is still under construction, but you can already look around for some information about my YouTube Channel and the online classes!

Learn from anywhere!

Would you like to learn Dutch but you don’t want to sit in a classroom? Then bring the classroom to your own house! Or to the train. Or wherever! You can learn Dutch whenever and anywhere you want AND you can do it for FREE! 

Learn Dutch for FREE with videos on YouTube

Well, let me first introduce myself! I’m Kim and I’m a teacher Dutch as a second language. I have my own language school in Den Haag (Linguanl), but since very recently (August 2019) I’ve started to create video classes! In my videos I teach you in a fun and easy way. I make videos about grammar, about phrases, about our culture, about proverbs, etc.

All my videos are available for EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD! 

Enroll in the online school

For everyone who wants to dive a bit deeper into the material, I’m also creating other content: I’m making online classes, such as a course for beginners, (see picture) as well as classes per topic (negation, sentence structure, etc). For more info about the classes, click here.


Lastly, I am in the middle of writing an e-book and I am making podcasts. These texts and podcasts can help you improve your reading and listening skills! I am already publishing a chapter every two weeks on my Patreon website. If you become a patron, you will have access to these materials. For mor info: click here.

Okay, well, now you know where to click, click and click! Let’s just start and watch one of my earlier videos that is about 8 very common mistakes that almost all students make. 

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